About us / Dedication

About Us

We are the Nazca Group: a fellowship of people committed to spreading a global perspective of respect and compassion for all types of humans and all living things, through the unveiling and sharing of ancient mystery.

The Nazca Group

Francisco “Frank” Maglione Nicholson (concept development, graphics): Frank has a degree in Biological Sciences from U.C. Santa Barbara and an affinity for Earth and her Cartography.

David Grimason (concept development/computer programming): David has a degree in Computer Engineering from Trinity College in Dublin, is an analyst and scientist by nature, and a man with huge heart.

Manolis Sechopoulos (PR and Historical Research): Manolis has a degree in International Trade and Transport from the London Guildhall University and is in charge of many operations.

Aaron Jones: (PR and African Historical Research): Aaron has a degree in African American Studies, keen interest in history and exploring and searching for lost ancient sites in the Continent of Africa. Aaron will also be heading The Nazca Fellowship Foundation, an entity in the making.

Chelsea and Nathan Johnson (Media): This pair assists with audio visual presentations , and whatever else.

Tom Judah (Media and site exploration): Tom is a photographer-filmer adventurer. He will be filming and exploring the ancient sites, primarily East of the great Mississippi River, among other things.

Darlene MacFarland (a.k.a. Cosmic Librarian) (Astronomical and Mythological Research): Ms. MacFarland is gathering information on ancient astronomical sites and feminine mythological codes, while considering other venues of interest.


Graham Hancock

Robert Bauval

Mr. Graham Hancock and Mr. Robert Bauval were an inspiration to us all. It was through Mr. Hancock that work that collaboration began between many. These men asked the reasonable questions and gave rise to a viewpoint that has resulted in not just our work, but the works and collaborations between many others.

Jim Alison: Jim Alison was the first to discover the great circle alignments of several of the Nazca Lines, including the famous Central Cyclopean Great Circle and independently propose that the Nazca Geoglyphic Anomaly was perhaps a great circle map. He was correct about this and many other ideas.

Ken Phungrasamee (concept development, graphics): Ken has a background in computer animation and digital graphics and a curiosity that has led to many talents. Including analysis…at times keeping the investigation….sane. Ken was with us many years and has decided to no longer be. He shall be missed and we thank him for his service.


We are keenly aware of the lack of feminine representation in the Nazca Group.

When we few gathered at the turn of the millennium to take this task, it was a few men with a mission of ignoring the lies of his story, to tell HERSTORY. The wise will know our meaning. We meant no offense and this imbalance will be henceforth remedied. Women interested in collaborating are needed and welcomed.


For Mother Earth.

For our Mothers.

For Maria Reiche, our “Lady of the Lines”

For all those with the courage of love.

For all past, present and future womanhood.


The Nazca Group Takes a Knee in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter and peaceful demonstrations against racism and social injustices around the World.